FAMILY LINE Marketing LTD was established in Israel, in 1986, by Mr. Arieh Heanig(CEO), Family Line is privately held company.

FAMILY LINE is well known as the one of top air- conditioning leaders in Israel.

Our company has excelled in production, marketing, import and export air-conditioning systems both RAC and CAC markets.

FAMILY LINE distributes her products in more the 450 points of sale such as institutional customers, appliance stores, contractors and installers. Throughout its years of activity, the company has gained hundreds of thousands of satisfied and loyal customers. 

Our company has the knowledge and experience of the finest engineers in the industry. A flexible corporate structure and an experienced development team enable us to rapidly deliver high quality, and often innovative air conditioning solutions.

FAMILY LINE's service division contains more than 30 experienced technicians that support 1,000,000 installed air conditions systems.

FAMILY LINE managing a professional exclusive air-condition installers club that engaged and committed to our company and products.

At the friendly facilities of FAMILY LINE Company, you will find manufacturing, marketing, customer support and free consultant all under one roof.

FAMILY LINE serving the Israeli Defense Ministry, governmental and education institutions, Hospitals, Industrials, real estate companies and so on in Israeli market based on yearly and long-term contracts.

Family Line address: Hasadna 11 st. Raanana Israel, Tel : +972 -9-7400401